A source named Geno, that previously has revealed a lot about new technology coming to the gaming industry, has leaked some more information. This time the information was about Nintendo’s upcoming console project NX. This source is very reputable as it revealed information about Pokemon X and Y, PS4, and illumiroom that was accurate. Even though this source is reputable always take any rumors with a grain of salt as anything can change.

Some of the alleged info:

  • Project NX has a wireless HDMI dongle that attaches flush to the back of the device.

This part seems like it will use the Wii U’s streaming technology sent to a device that might look like a chromecast

  • The analog controls for movement has haptic feedback

Haptic feedback will allow you to feel something that happened in the game through a physical way – such as if you hit a wall you will feel a bit of kick from the controller. Haptic feedback seems to be becoming very popular in new technology so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was included in the controller.

  • The NX will be able to bluetooth sync with almost anything specifically targeting smartphones where it could display texts and phone calls on the screens

This would be a useful feature and could be implemented in a great way. There are already a lot of apps that do this for computers so I can see that Nintendo might want to implement this into their devices to be more attractive

  • The closest in terms of “power” it gets to is the Xbox One but will have strong emulation functions so that any game that runs on Unreal Engine 4 or Android will be easily playable with near-zero modification to existing code.

This seems like an interesting concept as it will allow third party developers to easily port a game to the NX and will happen more likely as companies will not have to spend a large amount developing a different version. This will also be great as many android games could be played on the NX including some of Nintendo’s own mobile games

  • Look to Pokemon GO to get the idea of the type of social features that will be in NX that will take multiplayer, AR and the StreetPass concept to a whole new level.

With information like this I can’t wait to see what Nintendo will do. They might even be able to do virtual reality as that is a big trend right now. Nintendo has gotten much better in the last couple of years with social features so hopefully this will bat it out of the park

  • The real strengths of the device is the usability and ease of use. Developers have described it as if it looks as if “Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS” had a baby.

Hopefully this means that the device will look good and work good. I know Nintendo does a good job with their controllers especially because the Wii U Gamepad is so amazing.

  • The operating system is named NinendOS and is supposedly very powerful with a large amount of modern features that are in mobile operating systems today. The Operating system has very strong networking functions as it ties into multiple devices and services allowing a very competent and pervasive ecosystem designed to constantly involve the consumer’s lives

The song networking functions of the operating system will probably make it a drawing point as a media device and since it will supposedly look like modern mobile operating systems it will convenient for new users especially if the other consumer devices a person owns will be able to be controlled.


As I said before take all these rumors with a grain of salt as they may not be true as Nintendo is still developing the console.

Tell us what you think about these rumors in the comments section down below.