We recently reported that GameCube Adapters are being resold at very high prices.  This is a case of a product that was under produced for whatever reason and was a hit even before it was released.  This caused a shortage of supply shortly after the adapter’s release and now people are still purchasing these controller adapters for their Wii U consoles even though prices are 5 times the original price or sometimes even more than that.  It is a simple case of supply and demand gone wrong.


There are now rumors circulating that Nintendo may not be producing more GameCube Adapters at this time.  This rumor is spurred by a Tweet from EB Games Canada in response to another Twitter user.

This, however, doesn’t mean that Nintendo will not be making more adapters in the future and it is entirely possible that Nintendo has already began producing more units.  It is unclear why Nintendo under produced, what seemed to be, a tremendously popular product even before the release of the peripheral in the first place.  In either case, it would be wise for Nintendo to begin pumping out more of these GameCube Adapters sooner rather than later because it could likely become a popular gift this holiday season for Nintendo gamers.