Nintendo Co Limited (NCL)  is currently holding  held a Nintendo Direct conference now.  It is about upcoming 3DS DLC packs for New Super Mario Bros 2.

There is still no word on Nintendo of America’s Nintendo Direct.

With Cheesemeister translating here is some of the news coming out of the conference in Japan.

“Pack 1: Go! Go! Gold Mario Pack. 3 courses, up to 30k coins. 2: Challenge the Record Pack A. Top WW scores on HP.”

“Pack 3: Survival Panic Pack, for experts only. DLC packs are not random, but fixed 3 stages each.”

“DLC course designs are based in part on Club Nintendo survey responses. Packs to be released in JP 10/2, 200y each.”

“DLC accessible from the Shop button on the bottom of the Coin Rush mode menu. Won’t appear until SpotPass is read.”

“The SpotPass message to activate the Shop button will arrive by mid-day on 10/2. Next sets end/Oct. and end/Nov.”

“Further DLC information will be posted on the website. That’s it!”


Thank you to Cheesemeister for translating.


Keep reading to see what transpired this evening.  It was actually quite a surprise to everyone.

Rich George, Executive Editor over at IGN, has started to tweet about a Nintendo Direct conference tonight.  Rich starts off by tweeting “Nintendo of America Nintendo Direct broadcast incoming tonight. Stay tuned for news.”   He then let’s another tweet fly, “There is also a Nintendo of Japan Nintendo Direct broadcast coming tonight. 8pm PT. NOA’s to follow.” but shortly thereafter he also tweets “Getting more clarification via Nintendo: sounds like NCL is tonight and NOA’s “shortly after” may or may not be tonight.” So right now we are all kind of waiting to hear about when NOA is holding the Nintendo Direct conference.  What could Nintendo being holding this surprise conference for?

Update: Rich just tweeted “NOA confirms. Really strange.”

And now he confirms that there are going to be conferences, “NOA/NCL Nintendo Direct is 3DS related. Smaller focus (probably a single game). NOA likely comes tomorrow but TBD. Take “shortly” liberally.”

Rich George predict Paper Mario Sticker Star details. Cheesemeister of NeoGAF thinks it’s about Animal Crossing.