There has been some talk between you guys about the confirmation of the next Pokemon title. I still have not seen clear confirmation of Pokemon Platinum, but the scan brings us a little closer to a confirmation. Above is a scan “supposedly” taken from the next issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro. On it, it seems to show off, some type of new battle mode, and other details about the next Pokemon game. We will be keeping a close eye on this to see how it turns out.

Update: Here is some information from (this hasn’t been officially confirmed, so take this with a grain of salt)

* Pokémon Platinum, set for September release. Giratina on the box
* Volkner no longer gym leader of Sunyshore City
* The Underground is now Wi-Fi enabled
* An island called Battle Island, works in the same manner as the Battle Frontier
* Several new Pokémon ‘forms’ exist in the game; Giratina’s Origin Form, Regigigas’ Sky Form, Shaymin’s Another Form
Edit @ 13:56 BST: Thanks to slowkingsley on the forums, we have some further info regarding these translated. Giratina & Regigigas’ new forms are said to be able to get the Levitate ability and Shaymin’s Another form may be at least part Ice Type

UPDATE: May 15, 2008: Pokemon Platinum has now been confirmed by Nintendo for a release later this year!!

Check the link here & Official website (japan)