Every year there is held a four day conference called “24c3”. Where thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and utopians, gather together to discuss anything and everything electronic. Rumor coming out of it is that someone has figured out a full Wii hack, something that hasn’t been done yet:

According to internet reports, hackers at 24C4 demoed a full Wii hack that provides native Wii homebrew with full access to the Wii hardware without the Need for GC mode. They were able to find all the encryption and decryption keys by doing full memory dumps at runtime over a custom serial interface. Using the keys it was possible to create a Wii game that ran their own code.

Nintendo probably isn’t very happy about this, but they should be happy with them selves that it lasted this long.

Here’s the video of the presentation HERE. Niwifi.net doesn’t condone any hacking of the Wii.