There are many die hard Nintendo fans just waiting for the day that Nintendo springs the announcement of a new Star Fox game on us.  Over the weekend a video appeared that apparently shows leaked footage of this new Star Fox game that we’ve all been waiting for.  The footage below, from ScrewAttack, features what seems to be a title screen to a new Star Fox game with the subtitle ‘Eladard’, which is a planet from the unreleased Star Fox 2.  The footage also includes Nintendo and PlatinumGames, which would point to another collaboration between the two game companies.

Now it’s time for the debunking.  As ScrewAttack points out, the first Star Fox game released in 1993 and the copyright information in the video shows a copyright for 1997-2014.  So this information alone doesn’t really lend much credit to the validity of the above footage.  Aside from this discrepancy, the game would also be developed by PlatinumGames and not produced by the Japanese game development company.  Jean Pierre ‘JP’ Kellams made this observation and a few others via Twitter, which further discredit the footage.

Gamers are no strangers to situations where developers deny that something exists, only to have it announced at a later date.  So this does not mean that a new Star Fox game does not exist but that this footage could be just simply a fake.

Whether the video is fake or not, hopefully Nintendo decides to answer the pleas of many Nintendo fans and gives us the Star Fox game we’ve been waiting for.  Not a remake or remastering but a brand new Star Fox adventure that is sure to blow everyone away.