UPDATE: Turns out this was some kind of early April Fools joke? At the bottom left of the original post is ‘April Fools’ in tiny text.  Not sure why they would post an April Fools joke so early but there you have it.  Our best guess is that they wanted it to gain some traction before April 1st arrived.

titanfall april fools

Couchjockeyz.com has reported on a crazy rumor that Titanfall, a Xbox exclusive, will be releasing on Wii U along with the Xbox 360 version of the game.  The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall is experiencing a delayed release an according to ‘various industry insiders and several of [CouchJockeyz] sources’ will be releasing on April 8th on Wii U and Xbox 360 despite any announcement from EA or Bluepoint Games, who is developing the Xbox 360 port.

This rumor shouldn’t be taken seriously and this is why.  When Titanfall was announced for Xbox, it was announced as a Xbox exclusive.  Last time we checked exclusive meant that it could be found at only one location.  Additionally, EA has already said that Titanfall would not be released on PS4 so what would compel EA, who has already snubbed the Wii U, to release the Xbox exclusive on the Wii U and not also the PS4?


CouchJockeyz claims via their sources that ‘Nintendo has paid a substantially large fee to EA to sway the mech-shooter over to the struggling platform but Nintendo believes that they would not only be able to satisfy the Nintendo faithful, but also draw some sales to the Wii U with a cheaper buy in cost than the Xbox One.’  We could definitely see Nintendo throwing in some funds to persuade a developer to release a game on the Wii U, which has seen some struggling sales, but it is unlikely that EA would release the exclusive title on any other system besides Microsoft’s consoles.

Apparently the deal between Nintendo and EA is ‘very hush-hush’ and that ‘only a handful of developers and executives in the know of this deal’ but with Titanfall being slapped with the exclusive to Xbox label we doubt that this rumor is even remotely credible.  While we are sure that many Nintendo gamers would be very pleased with a release of Titanfall on Wii U, this rumor is sure to be false due to its exclusivity to the Xbox.  That’s quite a shame because Titanfall looks really impressive and a lot of gamers have taken a liking to it.