I’ve been a fan of Samurai Shodown since playing it in arcades back in the 90s. To see the latest iteration in the franchise come to a Nintendo console is great to see! We’ll have to wait a little bit longer (Q1 2020) but SNK is working on making it worth the wait.

For starters, the game will have 5 new characters available as DLC when the Switch version launches (Rimururu, Kubikiri Basara, Kazuki Kazama, Wan Fu, and Hisame Shizumaru)–one of these being in the form of free DLC (Hisame Shizumaru). Also, for those who pre-order the Switch edition, Samurai Shodown! 2 for the Neo Geo Pocket will be included as a bonus. This is the first time that this handheld title will be made available on a new platform.

For more information, check out the official website for the game and stay tuned for more info in 2020.