We reported back in November last year, that Samurai Shodown would launch in “Q1 2020” for the Switch. Well, we now have official confirmation from SNK that the game will release on February 25, 2020 and retail for $49.99 USD.

Samurai Shodown for Nintendo Switch

Players can now pre-purchase the game in the eShop as well as preorder from participating retailers. Digital pre-purchases will get the Neo Geo Pocket classic Samurai Shodown! 2 as a preorder bonus. Physical preorders will get you a controller skin for your Joy-Cons and Joy-Con Grip.

Samurai Shodown has always been a favorite of mine since I played it in my local arcade. If you’re looking for a new fighting game to take on the go, be sure to give Samurai Shodown a look when it launches next month.