Crack Down – In this one- or two-player adventure, you must infiltrate and destroy different enemy facilities using a series of carefully placed time bombs. Your goal is nothing short of saving the world from a group of evil cyborgs created by a crazy scientist with plans for global domination. By fighting your way through his various labs and bases, you can put a stop to his madness, but there are enemies at every turn. The cyborgs want nothing more than to destroy you and turn you into one of them, so use your cannon, bombs and machine gun to maximum effect as you wipe out the mechanical menace!

ESWAT: City Under Siege – Welcome to the city of Liberty, which is teeming with crime and lowlife scum. As a member of the Cyber Police force, it’s up to you to clear the streets of all the bad guys and make life safe for the law-abiding citizens of the city. Since your body is part mechanical, you have a variety of weapons and armor at your disposal, and you’ll need all of it as you patrol various parts of the city, including a restaurant, stadium, boat dock, and more. Take down the baddies, beat the nefarious bosses, and return sanity to the streets of Liberty!