This is a very interesting week to be predicting VC releases. Nintendo of Europe celebrating the Hanabi Festival, and their regions are getting several games that were never released there before. Nintendo of America has not yet announced if they are participating in the festival, but for this week’s predictions we are going to take a wild guess and say that NOA will be participating on some level. The first 4 games listed today are ones that NOE has announced as part of the festival, and the final 2 are games that have been hanging around on our list for a while. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if we are going to be seeing some of these great games.


SMB 2: The Lost Levels


 SMB2: The Lost Levels is a direct sequel to the original SMB. This game was released in America once before as part of the SNES classic Super Mario All Stars…but the graphics were enhanced. If we do get this game it will be in it’s original format.


Ninja Jajamaru-kun


 Ninja Jajamaru-kun was an action platform game released Famicom in 1985.


Mario’s Super Picross


 Mario’s Super Picross is a Super Famicom sequel to Mario’s Picross. After Mario’s Picross failed in the States Nintendo decided not to bring Super Picross to the US.


Sin and Punishment


 Sin and Punishment was released for the Nintendo 64 in Japan in 2000. The game had a limited print run, and is highly sought after by import collectors.


Lunar Pool


 LP has also been rated by the ESRB and was released in other regions, if America doesn’t celebrate the Hanabi Festival then it is one of the games that has the best chance of showing up tomorrow.


Wrecking Crew


 This game, along with Lunar Pool, has been ESRB rated and was released in other regions some time ago. Like Lunar Pool, if America does not celebrate the Hanabi Festival then Wrecking Crew has a great chance of showing up tomorrow.


World Class Baseball


Hudson has confirmed that World Class Baseball will be released this week.

Wild Card

Kirby’s Avalanche
Fatal Fury