Platforming game Slime-san is getting its first round of free DLC for the Nintendo Switch. The new content, titled Blackbird’s Kraken, will hit the Switch this month, around mid-February.

In a new story, our slimy hero must escape from a giant squid, as the notorious Blackbird believes Slime-san has stolen his treasure. The DLC comes with a complete island to explore, as well as new play mechanics to learn. There’s even the promise of a “weird minigame”. And it’s completely free!

In the original Slime-san, you play the role of a fast slime, adept at jumping, dashing, and other moves, as you race your way through a giant worm’s insides toward freedom, ahead of a wall of stomach acid. It’s a solid platforming experience, as we discussed in our Slime-san review last year.

Are you enjoying your time with Slime-san? Check out the new Blackbrid’s Kraken trailer below and let us know if you’re looking forward to more slimy goodness.