Ends up you CAN take it with you...to Da'at, anyway.

I hope you kept your game saves safe. Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance releases for Nintendo Switch and other consoles in just a couple weeks, bringing players “…the story of Shin Megami Tensei V in its entirety, plus a whole new story path, the Canon of Vengeance. The game features stunning next-gen visuals, new areas, demons and music to support an improved battle system, providing a richer gameplay experience.”

We’ve now learned that it’ll also provide some bonuses for those who played the original version on the Switch. The details were posted to formerly-known-as-Twitter on May 31st, and translated with the help of personacentral.com. Which bonuses you receive will be determined by which path you chose in your original play-through, and by just how far you made it.

For instance, if you completed the Uphold God’s Order path and finished the game, you’ll get:

  • Abdiel (Archangel) Essence x1
  • Abdiel (Fallen Angel) Essence x1
  • Vitality Balm x10
  • Vitality Incense x10
  • Grimoire x10
  • Gospel x3
  • Whittled Goat x1

If you chose to Destroy the Throne on your way to clearing the game, you’ll get:

  • Nuwa’s (Human From) Essence x1
  • Nuwa’s (Snake Form) Essence x1
  • Agility Balm x10
  • Luck Balm x10
  • Agility Incense x10
  • Luck Incense x10

If you played the game but didn’t complete it, don’t fret. You’ll still get:

  • Large Glory Crystal x1
  • Healing Potion x20
  • Chakra Drop x5
  • Revival Bead x5
  • Spyglass x20
  • Smoke Ball x5

So, not bad, but not nearly as good as the bonuses the completionists will get for playing through all paths in their entirety. I’ll let you get the details on that and everything else from the source, but suffice to say it’s a lot. If you were debating whether to play it again on the Switch or try it on a different platform, these bonuses may sway you; you won’t get those bonuses on PlayStation, Xbox, or Windows.

Bonuses or not, be sure to watch this Complete Guide which Atlus posted a few weeks back. It’ll serve to introduce the game to new players and hype up those of us who played it on its original release.

As you may recall, I was a bit sour on the game in our original review from 2021, although it still earned a 7/10. It looks like Vengeance will address some of my major complaints while also providing plenty of new content and features. I’m quite confident Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance will be worth double dipping. We’ll find out soon enough.

For more information on Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, visit atlus.com/smt5v where you still have time to get in your digital or physical pre-order.