Who is Conan?

The most popular Japan manga comic “CASE CLOSED: ONE TRUTH PREVAILS” was created in 1994. 120 million copies have been sold since!

In 1996 Conan made his television “debut” on famous TV channels like: TF1 in France, Italia 1 in Italy, Cartoon network in Spain …

1997, the first Detective Conan movie is released and is a hit at the box office in Japan!! The latest event: a new Detective Conan movie in April 2008!! What is this new and mysterious investigation about?

Conan is inaugurating the new “Mirapolis” theme park but a series of crimes crashes the party …

In September 2008, Detective Conan fans and young detectives all over the world will enjoy “CASE CLOSED – The Mirapolis investigation” on the Nintendo Wii! This adventure game will thrill kids: visit crime scenes, solve enigmas, find clues, collect evidence, play super fun mini-games (football, Super hero arcade battles, smash the groundhog and more!), and of course catch the bad guy. You will also enjoy game Extra: listen to music with the jukebox, view your ingame picture collection!

Thanks to your Wiimote you are going to be able to solve this investigation using all of Conan’s gadgets (Bow Tie Voice transmitter, solar-powered Skateboard, super sneakers …).

Game features

• Loaded with extras: 6 different mini games, Extra content.
• A great storyline!
• A title specifically developed for the WII: Visit crime scenes, collect evidence, touch and manipulate objects with you Wii-mote…
• The manga universe: Characters, gadgets, The original Japanese manga voices are available.

About the game
Genre: Adventure / Investigation
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Publisher: Nobilis
Developer: Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
Release date: September 2008