A new expansion has been announced for Splatoon 2 and it’s coming this summer, Nintendo announced yesterday.

According to the company, the Octo Expansion, which is to retail digitally for $20, will be the first paid DLC to hit Splatoon 2. In the Octo Expansion, fans play as Agent 8 who wakes up in a subway station without her memories.

At this time an official release date for Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion has yet to be addressed.

Take a look at the reveal trailer down below:

Players who pre-purchase the new Octo Expansion will automatically receive additional in-game items for Splatoon 2.

In related news, Splatoon 2 update version 3.0 was also revealed during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, and it’s scheduled to launch in April. Along with the update comes 100 new pieces of gear, additional stages, and Rank X, which is said to be an “extreme rank”. More details regarding Rank X are said to be revealed at a later date.