Let me be clear that this is no way a confirmation, just wishful thinking. In this months EGM they had a big spread covering Street Fighter 4. In it they talk to one of the creators of Street Fighter 4, Ono. In the piece they talk about how Street Fighter has a more artistic look to it. “Like a moving painting.” The also mention that the environment has a “slightly cartoon-shaded style.” These aren’t what caught my attention though. It is what Ono had to say about what platforms Street Fighter 4 was coming to:

We’re not looking to release it on a certain platform first and use that to collect info as a beta test and tune the game we’re instead taking the opposite approach, by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and making a version to sit each platform as needed.

Could this be possible?  Multiple Street Fighter 4 games across all systems, or one game playable on all three consoles? Maybe this is just wishful thinking? But in a perfect world, this would be true.