We reported earlier about Mario Strikers Charged Football having online tournaments/multiplayer, but now Nintendo of Europe has officially confirmed when Europe will get the game.  It will be released as their first niwifi (nintendo wifi connection) game on May 25, a whole month before the States get online.  Here’s the scoop:

3rd April, 2007- Now’s your chance to bend it like Beckham, score like Shevchenko and hit it like Henry or, failing that, floor the opposition with a well aimed Blue Shell! What’s more, with Mario Strikers: Charged Football you really can compete in a world cup, thanks to the multi-player mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service. Make sure you’re wearing your team colours as ‘Mario Strikers: Charged Football’ kicks off across Europe on Wii on 25th May 2007.

Europe definitely has reason to celebrate today.  They get an amazing game before the rest of the world, AND full online multiplayer on the Wii.  Hopefully, we’ll see it release shortly after Pokemon Battle Revolution in the States.

Source: Nintendo