Pure Nintendo Magazine’s 9th issue ships in February and we have hit Twitter and Facebook looking for some art to feature within the pages of the magazine.  Many of our readers have asked how they can participate and see their name in Pure Nintendo Magazine (PNM) and this is one of the many ways to accomplish just that.


The deadline to submit your artwork for the February Issue of PNM is January 20th.  Please make sure to include your name with your artwork so we know who to give credit to!  Also, if possible, export your Mii from your Wii U and we will feature your Mii right along with your name!  We are constantly collecting reader art for PNM so if you can’t make the deadline, then just submit the art when you can and we will make sure that it shows up in the magazine!  So if you love to draw, paint, photograph, make videos, create digital artwork, sculpt, build, etc. then please create your best Nintendo-related art and send it off to magazine@purenintendo.com!  Thank you to everyone who has submitted their artwork so far and we look forward to seeing what other creations our readers can come up with!