Taken from a German Site translated by someone at Gonintendo:

  • While playing, one didn’t see Yoshi, Luigi nor Princess Peach. It’s not clear whether they are going to be controllable.
  • Framerate was 60 fps
  • It was possible to jump very accurate with Mario and the controlling was very sensitive.
  • There were no “Stairseffect” of the graphics.(Dunno what Treppeneffekte is in english…a dictionary says aliasing!)
  • A speaker of Nintendo said that there will be difficult levels in which one has to control and jump extrem accurate and “neat”.
  • The camera adjustes very fast.
  • As an Employee of Nintendo said, it is not decided yet whether the “Nintendo Wi Fi Connection” will be supported. The same goes for WiiConnect24. However, it does look like they are not used.
  • The ratio was 16:9. An Employee of Nintendo didn’t answer to the question whether there are 4:3 bars at the top and bottom.
  • There was a level with a Mini game, called “Trial Galaxy”