Mario`s Great Space Adventure

For the first time in eight months, new screens! Introducing Super Mario Galaxy!

Big, small, travel around all kinds of planets to rescue Princess Peach!!

Peach is in trouble…again! To save the dragged-off Peach, Mario jumps into space! The platforming action spreads to new locales as Mario travels between planets large and small and faces off against enemies new and old. What kind of adventure lies in wait this time?

Freely Run About on the Surface

Every planet has challenges and things to explore. Planets come in all shapes and sizes, and have various gadgets. Sometimes there are platforms to travel across, too.

Inside, too!?

Mario runs up and down the walls of this stage as gravity changes direction. Is this the inside of a star?

Space is full of gadgets and bad guys!

To save Princess Peach, Mario jumps into space and develops new powers, fights tough baddies and uses tonnes of gadgets to morph and take on challenges. Let`s introduce the mysterious worlds and characters that he will meet during this adventure!

Lady of Mystery: Rosetta

Out of the light comes the lady of mystery, Rosetta – a woman of translucent beauty. If Mario falls for her, will Peach escape by herself and lay into him!? She doesn`t seem like a baddie: does Mario receive new powers from her?

Bowser and Petey Pirahna!

Some familiar faces power up. Bowser`s fire breath, is always, terrifying, but it`s a shock to see that Petey has developed almost dinosaur levels of power.

Travel through Water

Mario can travel rapidly through water with a Koopa shell. Are those Torpedo Teds chasing him from behind!?

Wrecked Spaceship

Mario travels the surface of a wrecked spaceship. Ambushed by enemies from four directions, he seems to be in a bit of a pinch. Better escape quickly and rush off to find Peach!

Castle of the Queen of the Bees

The kindly queen doesn`t seem like an enemy, but this `FLY` meter is a bit worrying…

The Gigantic Insect Tucks In!?

This insect moves from apple to apple, digging right in! There is really nothing but mysterious places here.

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Boiiing! Jump from Star to Star!

Using this star-like device, Mario can progress by jumping from planet to planet. Each stage is made up of several tiny planets dotted all over the place. While travelling between them, the pointer can be used to attract elastic collectibles to Mario, like playing Pachinko. Space is loaded with all kinds of gadgets!

Move with the Pointer!

The stars in the centres of these spherical bodies are called “Star Catchers”. Mario can fluffily float through space by connecting between them. Choose which point to travel to next using the pointer.

Collect Stars for a 1-Up!

When the damage meter in the top-right of the screen is emptied, Mario will sadly perish. Still, if you collect the “Star Pieces” that are scattered all over the place, Mario will get a 1-Up! Collect loads to avoid Game Over. On top of that, it seems Star Pieces can be used to power a special attack. But what kind of attack could that possibly be?