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1080 Snowboarding Developer Working On A WiiWare Title

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Snippit of a Cubed interview:

Cubed³’s Adam Riley: With Wii Fit taking Japan by storm at the moment and more Balance Boards now in Japanese homes than PlayStation 3 consoles, …
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Nintendo’s NPD Response

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Two Nintendo video games designed to appeal to both novice and expert gamers posted healthy numbers in the May sales charts, according to the independent NPD Group, which tracks …
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May 2008 NPD

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Wii – 675.1K DS – 452.6K PS3 – 208.7K Xbox 360 – 186.6K PSP – 182.3K


1. GTA IV – Xbox 360 – Take-Two – 871.3K 2. …
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Hudson Delays Tetris For WiiWare, Renames It
14 years ago

Hudson Delays Tetris For WiiWare, Renames It

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Tetris, now called Tetris party, Was scheduled to hit Japan WiiWare this July. Not the release date is sometime in 2008. This could be a good thing. …
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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Summary

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– They talk about the iPhone 3G and Super Monkey Ball
– Bozon thinks the iPhone will become a good gaming platform
– Craig wants an air hockey game for iPhone like the demo that was shown at E3 a while back
– NCAA and Top Spin coverage coming tomorrow
– Madden 09 is looking good and has good Wiimote capabilities, feels like PES08
– Matt says it’s running at 30FPS, but “really solid,” looks noticeably better than 08
– Rock Band guitar is wireless and drums are wired, take up both USBs

– The Guitar Hero guitar won’t work on Rock Band Wii
– Hulk for Wii is horrible, has “epic fog” like in Superman 64, controls suck
– Tiger Woods > We Love Golf
– Craig downloaded My Pokemon Ranch, he can’t “find a game in there”
– The game will give you missions where you catch ___ Pokemon and bring them back
– Spyborgs is built heavily around co-op play
– Damon says it’s like a combination of Ratchet & Clank and Lego Star Wars, isn’t very excited about it
– Star Wars: Force Unleashed doesn’t look hideous, though they think some of it is bullshots
– Tenchu for Wii “came out of nowhere,” hasn’t been good since the first game, though it looks decent
– Wild Earth is basically Afrika if you “put on glasses with vasoline on them and if you were really drunk and your whole world looked sluggish,” like Pokemon Snap

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Nintendo creates ‘Get Fit With Alyson’

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LONDON – Nintendo is sponsoring an interactive web series called ‘Get Fit with Alyson’ that aims to motivate children and teenagers to regularly exercise.

Independent multimedia production company Tribe Pictures has created the web series, which stars Alyson Stoner from ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’.

The series is running on from June 11 as podcasts and as mobile content, however additional content entitled ‘Get Wii Fit with Alyson’ will also feature on the Nintendo Channel.

Each show runs for three minutes and features Stoner leading kids through a fun exercise programme and workout. The show will also encourage visitors to submit their own stories of the things they are doing to change their lives.

Dennis Gelbaum, managing director of Tribe Pictures, said: “‘Get Fit with Alyson’ is an interactive destination for kids where they can access cool content and network with others.

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New Wii Balance Board Skins

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Shreveport, LA, June 09, 2008 –(– Starting June 9, 2008, is pleased to announce the expected arrival of colored skin cases for the popular Nintendo Wii Fit System. The …
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2 Million Dollar Grant To Study The Affects of Wiihab

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The University of South Carolina has been issued a 2 million dollar grant to study the affects the Wii has on the recovery of stroke victims. Not only has the University of South Carolina received a grant to study the affects of video games, many other schools have too. Check out the descriptions below.

Cornell University’s Department of Communication will explore a cell phone game named Mindless Eating Challenge with a group of teenagers. The game makes use of nurturing virtual characters, phone cam snapshots of food, feedback from game/peers, and nutrition tips in order to steer teens into healthier eating habits.

Indiana University’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation has created The Skeleton Chase, an collaborative/competitive multimedia mystery game designed in part to helping newcomer students fight the “freshman fifteen” or the poundage gained by new college students in their 1st year due to alcohol intake, rich cafeteria food, fast food, snacks, and lack of proper sleep. Used to be called the “freshman ten” once upon a time.

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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

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Capcom event
– Coverage going up at 5 AM PST tomorrow
– Third-person Sci-Fi action game will be revealed

– Dull, bland
– Random that it was even remade

Toki Tori
– Awarded with an 8.0
– Good game, even at $10
– Fun – only downside is its price
– Straight up puzzle platforming

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DDR To Use Balance Board?

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Part of an MTV Multiplayer Interview

Multiplayer: These days, “Wii Fit” gets a lot of press for promoting fitness through gaming. Have you tried “Wii Fit”? How do you think …
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Official Nintendo Magazine UK: Is it too early to move on from the Wii Remote?

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At the end of last week, I experienced something rather unique – I helped a screaming rabbit (sorry, Rabbid) ride a wildebeest down a snow-capped mountain using the power of …
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Game Ideas for the Balance Board
14 years ago

Game Ideas for the Balance Board

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Cubed3 has put together a pretty nice list of potential games that the Wii’s Balance Board could be used for in the future.  Everything from …
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Balance Board: Only Two at a Time

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According to an MTV interview with the creators of Shaun White Snowboarding it was uncovered that the Wii Balance Board takes up two slots for controllers.

While getting a demo, …
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Latest Japanese Trademarks

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  • Wii Summit
  • Battle Recorder
  • Vitamin Idai Maru Shokuzen

Bandai Namco

  • Mizu no Hômotsu

Square Enix

  • Smile-Lab


  • Urban Crisis
  • Ruriiro Rinne
  • Taito

  • Darius

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