– They talk about the iPhone 3G and Super Monkey Ball
– Bozon thinks the iPhone will become a good gaming platform
– Craig wants an air hockey game for iPhone like the demo that was shown at E3 a while back
– NCAA and Top Spin coverage coming tomorrow
– Madden 09 is looking good and has good Wiimote capabilities, feels like PES08
– Matt says it’s running at 30FPS, but “really solid,” looks noticeably better than 08
– Rock Band guitar is wireless and drums are wired, take up both USBs

– The Guitar Hero guitar won’t work on Rock Band Wii
– Hulk for Wii is horrible, has “epic fog” like in Superman 64, controls suck
– Tiger Woods > We Love Golf
– Craig downloaded My Pokemon Ranch, he can’t “find a game in there”
– The game will give you missions where you catch ___ Pokemon and bring them back
– Spyborgs is built heavily around co-op play
– Damon says it’s like a combination of Ratchet & Clank and Lego Star Wars, isn’t very excited about it
– Star Wars: Force Unleashed doesn’t look hideous, though they think some of it is bullshots
– Tenchu for Wii “came out of nowhere,” hasn’t been good since the first game, though it looks decent
– Wild Earth is basically Afrika if you “put on glasses with vasoline on them and if you were really drunk and your whole world looked sluggish,” like Pokemon Snap

– They’re talking about Death, Jr. and how it’s better than the earlier games, but still boring
– Call of Duty 5 on Wii, using a downscaled version of the CoD4 engine, Treyarch is “proud,” doing the Wii version internally
– Activision isn’t going to call it Call of Duty 5 so as not to raise expectations
– Alone in the Dark has gone gold, Atari has done its best to make sure people don’t know it’s on the Wii, they say it’s pretty good though
– LOL (DS) is a pretty fun game, got a 7.5, needs four players to appreciate it
– Craig says collectors should pick it up for collection purposes
– Craig likes Kung-Fu Panda, it’s the evolution of Spider-Man 3 on DS (the only good version of Spider-Man 3), has a morph ball rip-off. Mid-to-high 7
– Summon Night: Twin Age, Viva Pinata, Trauma Center 2 are fun

Reader Mail

Q: Any news on new SSX game?
A: Nope but will come in a matter of time

Q: De Blob as good as in videos?
A: Yeah, it’s something to keep an eye on

Q: Being too hard on Mario Sluggers?
A: No, it looks like total ass

Q: How do you unlock Bozon in Fatal Frame IV?
A: *insert witty comment*

Q: Tell us about Madden for Wii
A: Their lips are sealed

Q: With GH4 DLC, memory solution should be a given
A: They don’t think it’s a given, devs have to come up with a way to let users download things without users swapping out content

Q: Will Nintendo open up a dev studio in Silicon Valley
A: Probably not, their dev studios are mostly kept in Seattle, no plans to start any more second parties

Q: Any chance Nintendo will hire/contact Itagaki
A: “Completely a question we can’t answer”

Q: Will Tenchu 4 be good?
A: They hope so, that’s as far as they can hope

Q: Best TV I can get for Wii/PS3 gaming at my dorm
A: A plasma, not an LCD, 1080p plasma for PS3

Q: Will we see balance board used in more traditional genres?
A: Possibly from some more wacky developers

Q: Is Tiger looking significantly improved?
A: Yes

Q: What are the odds of a Tilt n’ Tumble sequel?
A: Shoe-in for a WiiWare game

Q: Call of Duty: World of War on Wii?
A: They haven’t seen it yet, will be on embargo for a while

Q: Control scheme for Top Spin 3?
A: Hold the remote sideways in your hand, use B button for backhand, feels more real-time

Q: Guy is making Blast Works levels with IGN editors as bosses, what do you want for levels
A: Craig should be the final boss, make the ship look like Damon and he kills the editors, Bozon wishes he were an NES mini-boss that shot out mini-heads of himself

Q: Will DS2 be outdone by iPhone?
A: Nintendo will make a tech-loaded DS after they dig themselves out of their piles of money (lol answer). DS2 will succeed despite weaker technology (serious answer) iPhone games seem gimmicky so far, moreso than the forced stylus DS games

Q: Your guesses on when we’ll see sexual health software on Wii?
A: “We’ll skip that one”

Q: Why was Kowasaki not in Wave Race: Blue Storm given how he’s willing to put his name on horrible shovelware
A: This game came out four years ago.

Q: World Ends With You
A: Fantastic, thank you for your fine review Bozon

Q: “Wait for E3″, will there be good games?
A: Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus will be at E3, they’re sure there’ll be more (hoping for Pikmin 3), Matt talks about Kid Icarus too much

Q: Should Capcom release RE0 stateside?
A: lol no

Q: Is Ubisoft doing anything anything Wii related at E3?
A: No, besides Red Steel 2 which is like three years away

Q: Is de Blob/Deadly Creatures THQ’s answer to losing the Pixar license after Wall E?
A: No

Q: What WiiWare games got the chopping block this week for Pokemon Ranch?
A: Probably all the “good ones,” they think Gyrostar which has been on the burner for three weeks

Q: Harvest Moon for Wii/DS?
A: Rune Factory looks good, Rune Factory 2 for DS

Q: Excitement for ToS2?
A: It’s going to be good, but they think it would have been better as a launch game

Q: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, buying Konami’s spin about them trying to change things?
A: No, it’s a little different but it’ll be the exact same, they didn’t think there was any spin

Q: Getting MGS4?
A: Probably, they were looking for it today since some stores had it early, they’re talking about American Gladiators for like 2 minutes

Q: Which of these features do you think Nintendo’s next-console will have: 720, 1080p, voice chat from main menu, universal friend list
A: They think they’ll do 720p, universal friend list, they’re making fun of storage problems

Q: Documentary on one of you guys playing Fatal Frame alone in the dark?
A: Probably, Matt was “spooked” when he was playing RE4 and MP3, wants to do it, someone was offended by a comment about the word “sissy” in the My Life as a King review

Q: Does Craig know secrets about DS titles?
A: Yes, but he can’t say

Q: iPhone 3G? (again)
A: All for it

Q: B/c with GameCube, what happens with availability of controllers
A: If this becomes an issue, Nintendo will probably make new WaveBirds in three years because they’re slow on the uptake, big publishers realize people don’t seem to care about b/c, next round of consoles might not even have it

Q: Did Nintendo go the right direction with Wii given third party stances *blasting UbiSoft*
A: Yeah, though they miss the fact that Wii doesn’t get prettier looking titles, they wish it had 720p and more RAM. Nintendo needs to find a way to let third parties in on the money, doing better than GameCube. Matt says RE5 will sell 2-3 million on PS3/360, whereas RE4 only did “okay”

Q: Will Grasshopper bring anything special to FF4?
A: It’s really only Suda51, they think they’ll help him make it damn awesome

Q: Contra 4 downloadable demo on Everybody Nintendo Channel?
A: They don’t think it’ll happen, it’s only sold “like 12 copies”

Q: How tall is Craig Harris?
A: 6′2″

Q: Sonic Unleashed gameplay footage?
A: You’ll see more on the next-gen versions, Matt is trying to get Wii video, Nintendo Power will have stuff on it, and then IGN will be able to put up videos

Q: Metal Gear Solid 2/3 on Wii?
A: Sure? They think it’ll be cool if they try to pull another Twin Snakes

Q: Would you put your brain in a robot body?
A: Unanimous: yes