Speed Racer

Speed Racer Game Hurt Game Sales

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“When you make a game based on a license you really are playing roulette – you don’t know how the film is going play out in the market. When we …
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NGamer: Review Scores

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Wii & DS scores

Super Smash Brothers Brawl – 93 Lego Indiana Jones – 80 Soul Bubbles – 79 Dementium – 80 Top Spin 3 – 60 We Love Golf …
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IGN – Nintendo Voice Chat summary

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Konami Embargo is up Thursday, I think. Wording was a bit weird on that.
Platinum Games Madworld game is awesome and real.
No need to read this summary.

Summary Complete:

Lost Winds:
-Best of the Bunch (Launch Titles)
-Best art design then most retail games
-$10 Worth it.
-It is short. 3 hours, though you can get lost along the way.
-Its a Super Metroid presentation. You’re not told when you go into new levels.

Defend Your Castle:
-Matt, “Shallow”
-Jump in, Jump out Multiplayer. “It’s awesome, thats when the game is really fun”
-Debate if the graphics are good or bad. The intent is bad, but thats the point of the game and it works. Still gave it 3 or 4 for graphics, they are bad, but theres a charm to it. Feels like they could have done more, they just didn’t want to. Its stylized though, but its bad.

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Coming This Wiik!!! (NA)
16 years ago

Coming This Wiik!!! (NA)

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DS Crosswords DS Speed Racer

Wii Boom Blox Speed Racer The Dog Island

This week may be my first non-Nintendo Wii but since No More Heroes, with …
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Speed Racer Boxart
16 years ago

Speed Racer Boxart

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We posted a generic pic of the box art a couple months back, but here is the real deal. As you can see, if you buy the game, you get …
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Speed Racer Video Dump

Control Gameplay

Matthew Fox Interview

Stunt Gameplay

Jeff Nachbaur Interview

Brawl Coming To Europe June 27th WiiWare May 20th, and A Ton More Release

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Wii Software 2008 Release Date

Alone In The Dark (ATARI) Q1 2008
Godzilla: Unleashed (ATARI) Q1 2008
Worms: A Space Oddity (THQ) Q1 2008
Yamaha Supercross (ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd) Q1 2008
Wii Fit (with Wii Balance Board accessory) (Nintendo) 25th April
Radio Helicopter (505 Games) 25th April
Legend of Sayuki (505 Games) 9th May
Top Spin 3 (2K Sports) May 2008
Monster Truck Jam (Activision) May 2008
Boom Blox (EA) May 2008
Speed Racer (Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment) May 2008
DRAGON QUEST® SWORDS: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors® (SQUARE ENIX) End May 2008
Hannah Montana – Music Jam (Disney Interactive Studios) Spring 2008
Iron Man (SEGA) Spring 2008
Ford Off Road Racing (Empire Interactive) 6th June
Family Ski (Namco Bandai / Nintendo) 13th June
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo) 27th June

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MTV: Speed Racer Impressions
16 years ago

MTV: Speed Racer Impressions

What happens when the speed of “F-Zero” meets the crashes of “Burnout” and is wrapped in the eye-popping colors of “WipEout?” You get the latest movie based …
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