Konami Embargo is up Thursday, I think. Wording was a bit weird on that.
Platinum Games Madworld game is awesome and real.
No need to read this summary.

Summary Complete:

Lost Winds:
-Best of the Bunch (Launch Titles)
-Best art design then most retail games
-$10 Worth it.
-It is short. 3 hours, though you can get lost along the way.
-Its a Super Metroid presentation. You’re not told when you go into new levels.

Defend Your Castle:
-Matt, “Shallow”
-Jump in, Jump out Multiplayer. “It’s awesome, thats when the game is really fun”
-Debate if the graphics are good or bad. The intent is bad, but thats the point of the game and it works. Still gave it 3 or 4 for graphics, they are bad, but theres a charm to it. Feels like they could have done more, they just didn’t want to. Its stylized though, but its bad.

-You use the pointer to Pop bubbles of the same color to get a combo going and keep the clock going.
-Simple, just not that addictive as other simple games.
-Pick up and move the bubble. Pick it up and shake to make it bigger.
-Craig still hasn’t figured out how to move on to the next level
-Composer is above average.
-In multiplayer, if you get the lead you can kill the clock to win
-The game froze for ign. Not that widespread but the problem is out there and they are going to have to address that.
-Leaderboard and uses WiiConnect24 to send achievements to friends

Trivia King:
-No Buzzing in. Its multiple choice, but no buzzing sort of forces peoples answer to be swayed by where friends cursors are going
-They didn’t come up with witty and relevant wrong answers for questions. If they answer is a Japanese name, there will be the correct name and three American names like John Smith.

-High Voltage, the Gyrostar and Animale dev
-They didn’t know Blackjack was going up first for them, they thought Gyrostar was.
-Ubisoft thought Protothea was going to be the first shooter.
-It looks nice, better than left field’s retail card game, but its still just a card game.
-No online or leaderboards.

FFCC: My Life as a King:
-$15 Game. $25 worth of DLC already
-Lots of bashing on the game.

WiiWare Storage Issue:
~Matt is cursing at Nintendo for having to download stuff to make for WiiWare stuff.
~Everyone else joins in laughing at Nintendo’s comment that its only a “small minority” that don’t have enough room
-Matt wanted to make an article on it (the storage problem), got shot down.

-You really do work up a sweet and up your heart rate.
-The tight rope game gets tough on expert. The wind and barrels coming at you is tough and fun.
-It has a full blown scale to measure your body weight, not just BMI.
-Talk about how the BMI can cause controversy over how it doesn’t take into account how fit you are, just height/weight
-Yoga is really fun.
-Its going to get a good score.

Madden Wii:
-You can call your own plays/draw your play.
-Looks like it got a visual boost. Definitely new animations

Platinum Games:
-They are NDA’d so in this section they are skating around it.
-Madworld, all black and white. Main character has a chainsaw for an arm.
-Main character picked up a sign and jammed it through the eye of an enemy
-Matt and Bozon are excited someone else used their idea of a black and white game with red blood for contrast. (since their game blackout isn’t getting the light of day from publishers). They acknowledge the guys had to be working on the game prior to when they came out with Blackout’s info.
-If rumors are to be believed, theres a XBOX360/PS3 game from the same company and the DS game.
-If rumors are to be believed, the wii game absolutely kicks ass.

Speed Racer:
-Shallow in that you start to see the same levels over again.
-Its a solid fast racer but thats just about it.
-DS version looks a little better than the Wii version, may be in the 8’s score wise. Looks good for a DS game.
-Matt likes the mechanics even better than the Wii game

-They broke embargo then had to take it down months ago and apologize. Other sites got to post the news. Bozon gets all mad and starts cursing and yelling in this part.
-Video was just conceptual
-was playable yesterday at EA event
-not a sequel or port, its a spin off
-A disaster has happened in the city, is the game’s story. Possibly Cloverfield esq.
-Running at 30. Wii-mote is held as a board. Demo was only Wii-mote. No nunchuck
-The motion really worked when the demo guy was using it. Still very early
-DS version actually looked better than the Wii version, more textures.
-Transient(ience?) is doing the DS game. Full touch control.

Pit Fall Wii:
-Shots in 4:3/ Looks EXACTLY as the GC game.
-GC version may have looked better, better lighting.
-Later on Bozon finds GC shots Identical to the newly announced Wii one. He wants Gaf to find the shots and post them for the lulz message board reaction. Image 10/53 on the GC page, 1/3 on the wii page.

Lost winds Sequel
-Already announced.
-Think its going to be WiiWare again
-No word from Nintendo on how WiiWare is going sales wise.
-It shows FF above Lost Winds. Jokes about how that shows gamers don’t know any better and how they’ll just buy anything with FF

-used to be harder
-Moves to slow, not enough enemies on screen.
-didn’t play hard mode.
-Gyrostar >>>> Protothea.

Rock Band Track Pack:
-One Disc

Reader Questions:

Q:Favorite WiiWare Games?
A: Matt: Lost Winds.
Bozon: Lost Winds, Defend your Castle

Q: WiiWare a bargain?
A: Defend Your castle is.

Q:Kid Icarus mature experience art style wise?
A: No answer here just jokes about Teen Icarus

Q: New Zelda at E3?
A: They said no about Zelda. Bozon said they may see a new DS model show up. Everyone else questions him on it and he says the first rumbling may be going on

Q: Have you lost weight with WiiFit yet?
A: They are going to have a feature where Bozon loses weight with Wiifit.

Q: Gyrostar release?
A: No Idea and High Voltage apparently doesn’t know either!

Q: A Plethora of 3rd party titles coming at e3?
A: Thinks third party companies are shying away from E3. Bozon “goes on record” saying this is the last E3.

Q: WiiWare games using balance board?
A: None they know of.

Q: Will in game micro transactions hurt WiiWare?
A: Don’t think it will hurt WiiWare. Dameon thinks the FF DLC isn’t actually DLC it may just be unlocking exiting items.

Q: Any idea what the Nintendo Power hinting at with the moon?
A: Matt thinks its Castlevania.

Q: Retro Next project ideas?
A: It may be those Metroid Prime 1 & 2 rumors, they don’t know.

Q: Rumors of WarioWare game using the WiiBoard?
A: You don’t need a rumor to tell you that. They don’t actually confirm the game just joke about how that would be a no brainer for Nintendo.

Q: Video reviews of WiiWare games at Ign?
A: Yes

Q: What did Craig show Matt last week?
A: The Design document for “That thing”

Q: Nintendo neglecting the DS?
A: Starting to think this is the part where Nintendo steps away, lets third parties handle the system. Bozon thinks there will be a new hand held next year, Fran thinks they are just being quiet about it.

Q: Do you think if the Mario Baseball Game is the only Nintendo Published game over the summer?
A: No. They name no examples or even hint at examples, just say that Nintendo likes making money.