Tetris 99 has received massive support from Nintendo and continues to be a huge incentive for subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online. What started as a game with little cosmetic changes, has now evolved into one with around a dozen themes (with more being added regularly through Maximus events) and an assortment of profile avatars.

Maximus events were the first initiative made by Nintendo, in order to add more variety in themes. The themes rewarded from these time-limited events aren’t basic either – some are for pure-nostalgia like the Game Boy theme, whilst others usually celebrate a new/upcoming first-party release, such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The latest Tetris 99 Maximus event will begin on Oct. 25th at 12:00am PT and lasts until 11:59pm PT on the 28th. Like every other Maximus Cup Event, players must earn at least 100 points in order to unlock the theme. The theme being rewarded this go-round is in collaboration with an eerie upcoming first-party title, i.e. Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Will you be pulling out your Poltergust 3000 and vacuuming up your foes in Tetris 99 during this event? Let us know on our various social media pages or in the comments below.