ive been a hardcore gamer since the days of the gamecube, however ive been playing games since the snes days. back then i didnt know who even created mario, or what company he came from, all i knew was that mario was fun and sonic was fun. i didnt care at all how nintendo or any company faired in any industry. those were good times and i remember it so vividly. i got an n64 near the end of its life, and i was flaberghasted. i got mario 64, killer instinct, and cruisin usa, they were all awsomn games. 3 christmases later i got a gamecube with mario sunshine and metroid prime, o it was exciteing, till i searched the internet for “gamecube updates.” i wanted to search for new games and upcomeing games so i would be prepared to buy them. then i saw all of this news, “ps2 beating gamecube, nintendo sells rare, left feild, factor five deserts gamecube, capcom five no longer capcom five,” i was begining to think the gamecube was not so kool after all. i then accidentally came across the forums of cube-europe and all i saw was fighting over which system would reign surpreme. i didnt know that their was such a world of intrest in regards to videogames. i saw all of them fanboys to casuals to dumbasses. it was all fun and i dont regret being a hardcore gamer. the next gen war is near, im awaiting the future to see where videogames will come to. are you?