Take On The Street This Week With Virtual Console

Get ready to street fight this week as Street Gangs™ launches on Virtual Console. Follow high school students Alex and Ryan on their quest across River City to rescue Ryan’s girlfriend, Cyndi, from a gang hideout at River City High. This urgent journey sees them battle student groups such as the ‘Frat Boys’ and ‘Jocks’ and take on mini-bosses who get in their way. First released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, this beat ‘em up role playing combo allows players to move freely around the screen executing an array of street fighting moves. Collect cash from defeated gang members to buy improved abilities and special items such as new shoes, books and health snacks! Only for the truly tough, Street Gangs™ is available on this week’s Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points.

If you’re in the mood for something more tropical this week, venture into treacherous territory as Adventure Island™ comes to Virtual Console! First seen on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992, this side-scrolling, action-packed title sees players lured onto the dangerous Adventure Island. In the role of Master Higgins, whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by a treacherous Witch Doctor, players must carefully navigate perilous forests and monster infested caves. Grabbing items as they travel around the island to top up decreasing energy levels, players must call upon all their skill and chart their way through eight exciting worlds! Not for the faint hearted, Adventure Island™ is available to download this week for 500 Wii Points.