I am sure this next month leading up to E3 we can expect a lot of rumors. Some of them will be very exciting, some will be interesting while others will be down right crazy.  These three rumors cover both of the extremes.

Exciting rumor

The first exciting rumor has to do with Metroid on the Wii U. Metroid Wii U is currently in the works, running on the Unreal 3 engine. The game is a joint venture between Nintendo and Retro. A tech demo has already been shown off to a few people.

Interesting rumor

We heard rumblings of this before. The rumor is Nintendo is searching around for a video service on the Wii U. Much like the 360 and PS3 have. This will be used as a built-in application on the dashboard.

Crazy Rumor

Now this rumor may blow your mind. Nintendo is currently in talks with Google to use Android as the Wii U’s operating system. Reports has the OS already running on the Wii U.