Kombo: First off, want to give gamers that aren’t too familiar with Wii Fit a basic rundown of what they get in the package?

Erik Peterson: So, Wii Fit comes with the Wii Balance Board. That’s our innovative new controller we’re using. You also get the Wii Fit game, which incorporates a huge amount of content. Basically, it’s the kind of game that can be played a long time, a little bit every day. There are over 4 different categories: Yoga, Strength Train, Balance Games and Aerobics. Under those four categories, there are over 40 different activities. Wii Fit is really something that’s meant to come back to a little bit every day. It’s designed to be an easy thing that people can work into their daily routine to get exercise.

Kombo: One of the questions that has come up a lot is that when the Japanese release came out, the game had a set weight limit. Now that it’s coming out in North America, has Nintendo re-tooled the board to fit a larger audience?

Erik Peterson: The software will support up to 330 pounds.

Kombo: Have they altered that at all?

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