– Teases us a bit about MP3…. just cut to the chase.
– SWEET! Metroid Prime music and discussion.
– 12:01AM Sunday Night/Monday Morning Review. Review is done and waiting for embargo to lift.
– 2:08… Control “rocks.” Prime example of Wii first person controls to date.
– Advance Mode control option is the only mode you’ll want to use…
– Matt still claims MP3 is a first-person shooter, but admits that the shooter aspect has “been upped a bit.”
– 5:21 MySims Wii and DS talk
– Wii game is very straight forward sims game. Not much detailed customization of character features… you pick a face, and it’s that face; you can’t change the eyes, mouth, etc.
– As you explore the MySims world, you can use qualities from certain objects (say, an apple) and apply them as textures to other objects (say, bed sheets)
Bozon was psyched about the game, but was a little disappointed after playing it. Still is fun.
– Load times suckkkk.
– 8:20 Tiger Woods discussion
– Better game, but not much different.
– Some controls don’t work the way they should and the graphics are “assy.”
– 10:15 Manhunt 2 Discussion
– Comes out October 31st with M rating.
– Don’t know how much different it will be from the original version. Rockstar hasn’t commented on it yet.
– 10:35 NPD discussion
– Pokes fun at PS3 a bit. Nothing too interesting.
– 13:30 Zack and Wiki & RE:UC discussion
– Resident Evil is looking better. Seems to be surprised at how devs are making changes.
– Hands-on update next week of RE:UC and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.
– Comment on how we may see ports from PS2 and PSP for quite a while.
– 16:15 Table Tennis Discussion
– Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have 1:1 control. Waggle-fest.
– 17:55 Mario and Sonic Discussion
– Disappointed about how simple the game looks. Bozon’s hype was completely shot. Presentation was also lacking, not much “cinematic flair”
– 19:20 Naruto: Clash of Ninja Discussion
– Seem surprised at how well the game is shaping up. Didn’t expect much, but Matt says it’s a pretty intense game. Way better than the GC games. Bigger cast, more levels, controls are pretty spot on. Not widescreen. Can be played with GC control, Classic controller, and Sideways Wiimote.
– Next week they’ll be getting Forever Blue (Endless Ocean), Gundam 0079, Dewy’s Adventure, and Guilty Gear.

– Matt thinks Free Radical will support Wii. Thinks many devs will switch from PS3 to Wii.
– They don’t know whats going on with Bwii or Disaster Day of Crisis. Matt was almost positive Bwii would be at Leipzig.
– MP3 has some pretty tricky puzzles. Bozon and Matt hit a quite a few frustration roadblocks.
– Cassy doesn’t like the Metroid commercial. Geared too much towards the casuals.
– 27:50 More Bwii talk… Why no headset? Thinks that there probably is one in the works.
– Again comments on a God-game coming to Wii. Details on this game and several other unmentioned games might be coming soon.
– Matt is pissed off at the Cruisin’ screens.
– Mentions Halo/ Metroid comparisons are mainly in the cinematics. Still very “metroid.” No need to worry. They love the graphics. They can’t stop coming back to how much they love Metroid. Can be controlled with simple hand movements; no need to dive behind couches.
– F-Zero in 2008? No way. Wave Race? Maybe.
– 37:00 Will devs be able to outdue MP3 controls? Eventually yes. Alludes to Free Radical being a “good candidate” to do this.
– 37:45 “If Retro were working on an HD system, they could make a game that surpasses anything on the market.”
– Brunswick Bowling sucks
– Developer for God-game will hopefully be announced soon.
– 47:00 Metroid Dread? Nothing they “can talk about YET.” Something cool will be shown on Monday Night. Bozon says it’s “kind of a wink to the fans.” Says this is definitely not a confirmation that the game is coming. Just something cool.
– Factor 5 middleware Gamecube tools being ported over to Wii. Crytech has something in development for Wii.
– IGN is getting a lot of calls from Publishers to play games. A lot of Wii activity.
– Matt thinks that one of their competitor websites will score Metroid in the 8-8.5 range. There will probably be some 10s.