I ventured out this morning in search of a Wii for my brother.  I knew that stores like Best Buy and others were getting shipments today, but I didn’t know what to expect.  My friends James and Kevin were with me and as we pulled up to the local Best Buy; there were almost 30 people in line.  We quickly parked and decided to give it a shot.  Between the three of us, we were 28-30 in line.


I was pretty sure our local Best Buy wouldn’t have that many systems, but we decided to wait anyway.  About 20 min. before the store opened, some Best Buy employees started handing out tickets.  Heavens to Betsy, there were 30 TICKETS!  It was ama-za-zing!!  I called my brother and told him the great news.  Now, I’m off to deliver it.  Have a great Sunday!