The Wii scene is on fire, and now it will be more than ever. Chilean hacker xt5 has published Trucha Signer (trucha=trout), a program that allows the modification of a Wii iso and load it on a chipped console. In order to work, it uses the vulnerability found last year, which was kept secret.

The real meat of this advance is not only the possibility of modifying games (music, textures, text, etc.), but also loading any exe without limitations, channel signing, VC games, etc. Now it’s the moment we can say that Wii is totally hacked. But, all be told, considering the level of the bug, it’s probable that Nintendo do fixes it with future updates.

Word on the street is the System update the Nintendo released last night does not put a stop to this.  You can bet that Nintendo is working hard on one that will.