For many of us who have recently purchased the New Nintendo 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is a title were going to buy. And for many others, Xenoblade Chronicles is a title we’ve experienced on Wii when it initially launched in 2012. As we sit and wait patiently for its April 10 release in North America; videos like the one shown below will have to hold us over until then.

Recently, Martin Robinson of has released footage of the latest version of Xenoblade Chronicles for the New Nintendo 3DS handheld and dare I say visuals of this particular installment appear to be fairly decent.

According to commentators in the video, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D feels like a video game that absolutely requires the New Nintendo 3DS’ updated hardware (paraphrasing). However, speaking in the background is a representative that mentions he would rather play the video games original version on Wii, if he had to choose. That doesn’t sound good.

Prior to mentioning the comparison between systems, this particular representative states the file size of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is “Huge” (0:33), but is unfortunately unable to talk about file sizes at the moment. With that said, the New Nintendo 3DS launched with a 4GB memory card but is that enough space to download Xenoblade Chronicles 3D? We have reached out to Nintendo PR for comment but have yet to receive a response.

What are your thoughts on the hands-on footage and what are your predictions of the file size for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D? Let us know in the comment section below.