Earlier this year, Pure Nintendo reported on Midora, a 2D action-adventure title that received up to $73, 470 in supported funds via Kickstarter. Now, roughly six months later, it would seem the games development studio, Epic Minds, has decided to place the title in limbo, yet again, due to insufficient funds towards further development. As strange as it sounds, Midora was successfully funded on July 13, 2014, but is in need of another $73,000, according to the studios official Kickstarter page.

“I will admit that the amount of money needed to create this game was largely underestimated for the campaign,” said the games director who goes by the name of “Mhyre.” The game director continues to address the titles financial issues by stating the following, “I knew that the game would need more than $60,000 to be made. However, like many others, I didn’t think for one second we could reach a goal higher than $60,000, especially after two failed campaigns and no prior advertising.”

As of today, Midora has gained the support of 3,359 individuals via Kickstarter. Although Midora possesses the support of just a few thousand, it’s future remains unknown, once again. In the final paragraph of Mhyre’s reconciliation, the developer reaches out to individuals in search for more help, “I would like to call all publishers and investors that could potentially be interested in the game. We have all that you need to make a decision and we’re ready to be generous, provided that you help us in the first place.”

Midora currently possesses an unknown release date and was due to release on multiple platforms.

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