On the evening of July 11th, Jools Watsham, Founder of Atooi LLC, announced a huge sale for all of the company’s titles on the Switch eShop. Atooi is known for their Mutant Mudds collection but also is associated with other titles such as: Xeodrifter, Totes the Goat, Soccer Slammer.

Altogether you can get these titles for a steal of US$3.96 — which is an amazing value considering the amount of retro content on offer. If you’d like to buy the titles individually, that is also possible.

Here are the individual prices:

It’s worth mentioning, sadly, only folks in the United States will be able to take advantage of this offer. If that changes, we will update this post. And if you can only get one title out of this selection, I’d recommend Mutant Mudds Collection — it offers a unique take on platforming and has a fun puzzler in the form of Mudd Blocks.

Are you a fan of the games from Atooi LLC? Do you own any of their games on sale? Do you plan on taking advantage of this sale? We’d love to discuss in the comment section below, or on our various social media pages.