Just a reminder “Nintendo Voice” is the new name for IGN podcast.

Rock Band

– Coming out in June, 63 songs (5 exclusive), offline multiplayer, in stereo
– Missing important features – downloadable content, online – yet, still costs the same
– Basically a port of PS2 version
– Rushing the game


– Launching in Japan tomorrow
– Videos, interface, etc. will be available

Final Okami version in office

– 16 X 9 mode is perfect
– Runs at 30 FPS, sometimes dips
– Good, not better than Twilight Princess
– Better looking on Wii than on PS2

We Ski

– Uses Wii Balance board – go down slopes
– Looks slick (Matt and Bozon were surprised), but not dazzling

We Love Golf!

– Matt excited, videos have been posted
– Looks solid
– Team previously has developed Mario Golf games
– Hasn’t sold well in Japan, Matt wants people to support it in America

Mario Kart

(Notes below are about local play – Bozon and Matt can’t talk about online)
– Grand Prix – one player only
– Battle mode – up to 4 players, must use teams – free for all gone
– Balloon Fight, Coin Runners
– You can come back in Balloon Fight when you lose all of your balloons – scoreboard utilized for the mode
– Timed 3 minutes each
– Coin Runners: lose all of your coins when hit, also 3 timed 3 minutes
– Reviews that are out that haven’t been fully tested – can’t talk about online in reviews

Sega Superstars Tennis

– Not as good as it should have been – Matt
– No online, looks blurry

– Skycrawlers coming out for Wii
– Blast Works looking impressive – gameplay is really at level editor

Reader Questions

– Sonic Unleashed won’t come to Wii – Matt thinks it looks too nice, Bozon thinks it actually looks good
– Nintendo is trying to attract casual gamers with Mario Kart Wii
– Bozon doesn’t think Guitar from Guitar Hero will be compatible with Rock Band
– Letter-grade system, 5-star system good review score systems
– Some sports games (ex: Madden – off of the field, hockey) would benefit from PES system
– Voice chat plans up in the air, won’t depend on Pay to Play – may follow DS model
– The IGN office has already had a Brawl tournament
– Is Mario Kart Wii a must-buy? Matt:”Eh…” – Will depend on online functionality – Bozon thinks DS version is better
– Matt cannot confirm/deny Factor 5 Kid Icarus rumor
– Mother 3 won’t be brought to America

Matt hasn’t seen Kid Icarus in action, “developer is pretty damn good”
– Fight Night on Wii has potential
– Recent Capcom announcements: Matt hopes to see new IPs
– Sonic and the Secret Rings improvements: Speed, random walls popping up should be removed, more loop moments/shooting Sonic in air
– Pay to Play: Will apply to some downloadable content (ex: WiiWare games)
– Mario Kart release date was positioned to counter GTA4 a bit, but GTA will outsell it
– Favorite Wii titles that nobody has played – Matt: Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Zack and Wiki , Bozon: Scarface, Godfather
– Other than harddrive, voice chat, Matt would like to see “graphics,” more horsepower
– Bozon really excited about Target Terror (joke)
– Nintendo might do downloadable content for Animal Crossing on Wii, won’t be MMORPG
– There’s a chance Command and Conquerer could come out on DS and Wii (speculation)
– No MegaMan on Wii yet, Bozon hopes to see it on Virtual Console
– Wii Music may have a peripheral, but Matt doesn’t know yet
– Matt will ask Camelot questions about Mario Golf
– Sonic Unleashed HD screenshots on Wii story going around is a lie
– Soma Bringer might be localized, Matt and Bozon love the game