No More Heroes
-Not gonna hit high scores
-going to appeal to Killer 7 fans
-combat can be repetitive and the open world isn’t the greatest ever
-likes the settings, characters, tone, and art style
-they want to show some stuff. constrained with NDAs
-Killer 7 cameo? sp0rsk?
-explore the game even if you don’t
-bemoaning about how “only if Suda had more power to work with”
-lacking some polish in areas, but still alot of fun
-no blood in PAL NMH is lame
-NMH does the best hack&slash. waggle H&S hasn’t been quite realized
-think that NMH will be able to slip under the radar better than Manhunt 2, but still could end up snowballing
-NMH not the best of the best, but really “culty-cool.” difficult not to like the content.

Jeremy Dunnam
-brown nosing

-Matt is a Fattie
-put your info in and it changes your Mii
-Wii Balance Board=Wiibo=”cool”
-bunch of stuff locked?
-Balance Board is an energy suck
-feel the “Wiibo” needs an AC adapter or some form of charger
-gonna catch on in America
-Matt’s balance is bad too
-should wear athletic clothes while Wii stuff
-convinced it will be a good workout tool
-300lbs. weight limit could be problematic
-having alot of fun with WiiFit
-WiiFit=!WiiPlay. actually feels more like a real game, but with exercise (WiiSports+Brain Age?)
-WiiFit, Wii Sports, SmartyPants good holiday games.

-Off-road eXtreme!: turd
-Mini Desktop Racers: turd, slightly better smelling
-like Simple2000 series, but turdier
-Code Lyoko: standard license
-alot of shitty shovelware

-Pokemon Snap, Ghosts and Goblins. nifty, will DL
-Matt gets neat stuff, Mark doesn’t

Industry Insider
-ex. MoH:H2 feature
-positive stuff hard enough to get ahold of as is, negative stuff uphill battle
-getting non-PR responses for standard stuff hard enough as is
-no schedule for the feature
-gonna try and get some Retro love

Other Questions
-doesn’t see SF4 on the Wii. not shown the best system for fighters so far
-EA wondering how they can make MySims better. gonna ask Matt and Mark
-don’t know what’s up with Japan. they’re pobably crazy.
-Smash Bros. rumor rosters are bogus
-keen to look into that retail list. thinks it could be real
-lots of stuff coming for Sonic Zero G. looks better than original
-going to get NiGHTS in soon too
-inevitable FF6 remake probably on DS. Square being slow to support Wii. FF Wii predicament weird.
-Metroid Prime art>?Metroid Prime 3 art. Metroid Prime 3 Tech >>>> Metroid Prime tech
-Super Mario RPG DS would be awesome
-support is ramping up
-Ogre Battle on Wii? don’t know, would be surprised. guess it’s not that secret Wii older franchise
-Golden Sun 3 Wii all but confirmed
-Jeremy Dunnam brown nosing
-EGM rumors taken with a grain of salt. FFCCCB probably just being held onto.
-Mark and Matt hot lovers, but not chicks
-Real Men do not use items
-Fire Emblem improvements: true Wiimote support, faster battle system. would be open to real-time control
-doesn’t know how much Smash Bros online will suck. could be gimped, but they don’t know
-local will be great, though
-Matt meated Peer about a week after he met him
-some reminiscing about the history of IGN and Matt’s early experiences at IGN
-Matt really likes the Nintendo Family