Become a vampire-slayer this August!

Have you ever wanted to vanquish vampires? Or would you rather live the vampire lifestyle? Well, unfortunately, you can’t be a vampire on Switch quite yet–but you can still kill them meanwhilst you wait, when Damsel bites Nintendo Switch next month.

Damsel is a vampire-slaying arcade platformer, developed by Screwtape Studios, launching August 7th. Whilst it is not out yet, you can still pre-purchase it for 15% off the normal asking price. Normally, it would cost you US$17.00–but pre-purchasing will save you an estimated three US dollars.

Cause distress in this fast-paced, challenging action platformer! Speed through dozens of missions as Special Agent Damsel, the first and last line of defense against the seedy world of corporate vampires. Balance frenetic action with split-second choices, and pay attention, you never know where the next vamp will come from.


  • Classic Arcade Vibe: Bite-sized gameplay that’ll make you say “Just one more go” (although you said that a few tries ago…)
  • Comic Book Campaign: Learn the secrets of Red Mist and put a stop to their evil plans.
  • Competitive Arcade Leaderboards: Master your abilities by perfecting your runs and become the top agent.
  • Chill Out Time: Chillout mode lets you take the edge off and enjoy the game without worrying about pesky things like dying.
  • Extra challenge modes: For the discerning slayer, take the difficulty up a notch!
  • Pumping Synth Soundtrack: Gothic grooves to slay to!