Ok, everyone on the Internet is buzzing with this news that NGamer has supposedly “confirmed” both Animal Crossing Wii and one other Nintendo franchise for release this year.  It’s getting very close to E3 and I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so if you don’t want to read ahead to see the other 1st party game DON’T…You’ll be glad you waited.

I’m even frustrated I saw the news because I want to be surprised at Nintendo’s E3 press conference, but apparently people just want to reveal everything they can no matter what Nintendo has planned for E3. *sigh*  Anyways, check out the news after the jump if you want to see it..

I don’t think this news is the ‘BIG’ news that Nintendo will announce at E3 (I think there’s something even bigger than this), but it’s still news that could take some wind out of Nintendo’s sails next Tuesday. 

“And if all goes to plan (and our sources haven’t played a mean trick on us), that hands-on coverage will be of Animal Crossing and Punch-Out!! Wii, aka Nintendo’s great hopes for 2008.”

The article goes on to say that Animal Crossing Wii has been finished for a while, and though it isn’t an MMO as suggested by rumours earlier this year, it features heavy use of Wi-Fi sharing (and presumably multiplayer, as in Wild World).

As for Punch-Out!! Wii, NGamer claim that Balance Board implementation is on the cards for dodging and weaving, in addition to Wii Remote and Nunchuk controlled punching (which goes without saying) in the style of Wii Sports Boxing and Rhythm Boxing, which was included as a minigame in Wii Fit.

I’m really not a big fan of NGamer, and they have tended to make mistakes in the past, so even take this news with a grain of salt.