There have been a mass of rumors around the net since Nintendo officially announced that they were making a new console. Over time, more and more rumors have spread with the possibility of these being completely made up or having some truth to them. Even if some of those rumors prove to be true, during a point in time, we still have to wait for the console to come into fruition.

Quick Rumor Round up:

  • AMD is said to be making the graphics chip
  • Possibly communicate with Nintendo handhelds
  • Social AR/VR design
  • Integration with new loyalty program

There have also been many rumors based on patents in which Nintendo has applied for after the announcement was made. Even though these patents seem like proof of what Nintendo has planned; several of these may not be truthful. Nintendo has been known for applying for patents with zero intention of using them just to confuse the competition. Below are filed patents that Nintendo allegedly plans to implement with their newest console the NX.

For more about regarding the console, feel free to visit here and here. Below, you will find several screen shots of the filed patents, and be sure to let us know you thoughts in the comment section.