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Top Ten Game Sales At Blockbuster

By  •  December 22, 2007

1. “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” (Wii) 2. “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” (360) 3. “Wii Zapper With Links Crossbow Training” 4. “Call of Duty 4: Modern …
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Japanese Release List

By  •  December 21, 2007

December 2007:

Pachi-Slot Gundam (Yamasa) – 27 Kanji Test Wii (Rocket Company) – 27 Simple Wii Series Vol.3 The Play & Understand Party Casino (D3 Publisher) – 27 Simple Wii …
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1up’s ‘Game of the Year’ Awards

By  •  December 20, 2007

1up’s ‘Game of the Year’ awards results

December 20th, 2007 What’s your pick for 2007 Game of the Year?

WINNER = SUPER MARIO GALAXY Mass Effect (11%) Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune …
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Christmas Wishes From The Industry

By  •  December 19, 2007

MCV asked a few people form the Gameing industry what they wanted for Christmas. These are their answers:

Doug Bone, Square Enix
1) Gamers to inherit the Earth back (from Nicole Kidman, Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters and their chums).
2) A publisher merger/acquisition to take place, but without all of their rivals instantly pretending to “welcome the challenge”, whilst secretly running to the toilet every ten minutes.
3) Larry Sparks to get through a meeting without reminding me how successful Tomb Raider was.

Andy Payne, Mastertronic/ELSPA

1) For Garry Williams to stop quoting the Treaty of Rome, referring to ‘Long Tails’, ‘slicing of the salami’, ‘pocket money prices’, ‘delaystation’ and other meaningless jargon in our new office.
2) For Garry Williams to read his incoming emails and actually understand them before jumping to conclusions, and to cease and desist from providing a Les Dawson-style version of assorted Pussy Cat Dolls tracks every time a female member of staff walks into the office.
3) Thus leading to Garry Williams reading his outward bound emails and ensuring that they are focused, to the point and free of double line spacing, rants and quadruple dots. Oh yes, and for said mails to refer to the sender’s subject matter as opposed to resembling the ramblings of James Joyce on a bad day with piles. If Jesus and/or Mohammed can deliver these, then I will convert to their religions toute suite!

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By  •  December 19, 2007

Landmark Agreement Marks the Launch of Jerry Bruckheimer Game Studio with MTV Games

NEW YORK, December 19, 2007 – MTV Games, a division of Viacom Inc.’s (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) MTV Networks, today announced an exclusive deal with internationally renowned motion picture and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer to develop and create new and original video games, marking his first official foray into the gaming world. As part of this landmark agreement, Bruckheimer will build a game incubation studio with MTV Games, where a team of experienced video game experts, artists and storytellers will seek out and deliver new game concepts and intellectual property.

By joining MTV Games with Bruckheimer’s blockbuster track record for creating successful entertainment properties in film and television, both new and experienced gamers can expect what promises to be some of the most entertaining, challenging, and unique games.

“Video games represent a new and innovative medium for what we’ve always tried to do, which is to tell great stories. But this medium is unique in that it gives the player control over how those stories unfold,” said Jerry Bruckheimer. “I look forward to working with MTV Games to create new original game stories, always looking for ways to innovate the medium.”

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ABC: Best Of Video Game Awards

By  •  December 17, 2007

Just a little note; Check out the last Award, MOST FRUSTRATING DELAYS. What is missing?

—— BEST GAME: “BioShock.” A first-person shooter turned morality play, a thinking person’s action game, a piece of electronic fiction with a soul. There are many positive ways to describe this gripping game and they’re all true. There’s just nothing else like this eerie vision of an undersea social experiment gone horribly wrong. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC, $59.99, Rated M.

—— BEST DEAL: The Orange Box. For $59.99, the innovators at Valve Corp. have provided one of the best bargains in 2007. You get five games, and all of them are excellent. “Portal,” in particular, seems destined for legendary status, having spawned a cottage industry for plush companion cubes. (If you don’t know what that means, you’re really missing out). Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC, $59.99, Rated T through M.

—— BEST GAME THAT INVOLVES GETTING OFF THE SOFA: “Rock Band.” Close the windows, lock the doors and warn the neighbors before you blare the volume. “Rock Band” elevates music rhythm games to arena-filling levels in a game that gets better the more people there are. For a true rocking experience you’ll at least need two guitars — lead and bass — plus a drummer and a singer to belt out the dozens of tunes. Groupies are optional.

—— WORST TREND: The annual holiday video game deluge. Please, video game makers, you’re only hurting your most loyal fans here. We spend all year with hardly anything new to play, then October rolls around and it’s like an avalanche. Suddenly, we’re faced with tough decisions about which of the dozens of good games we can actually afford to buy. Why not release more of these gems in the winter, spring or summer doldrums, when we’re really looking for — and more able to afford — something new?

—— MOST TIRING CONTROVERSY. “Manhunt 2.” OK people, it seems pretty obvious that “Manhunt 2” is not a game for the kiddies. So why all the uproar? Ratings issues aside, if a game that lets you perform execution moves is a turnoff, change the channel. Parents have a tough job keeping content like this away from their children, but it’s ultimately part of the responsibility. And this game is no more graphic than any number of R-rated movies I’ve seen — except they aren’t being altered to appeal to industry ratings groups.

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IGN Wiik In Review Summary

By  •  December 14, 2007

Voice chat/Virtual Console
– Reggie talked about how Nintendo is still considering voicechat, and how he wouldn’t be surprised to see it on Wii in the future.
– Both expect it to happen (when Nintendo say stuff like this, it basically means it is happening) but are dumbfounded by how long it is taking.
– Both really hope it comes out in time for Smash, but are doubtful.
– For the majority of VC games, we’re not going to see modifications or upgrades (like we did with Pokemon Snap), simply because Nintendo doesn’t need to do it.
– Don’t expect a VC price drop in the future – they’re doing great and there’s no need to change anything.
– Hope to see more import games (like Sin and Punishment) and expect this because it appears that Nintendo is paying attention to the wider gaming community.

– Both Wii and DS did exceptionally well.
– Analysts are predicting around 1.6-1.7 million for Wii in December.
– Make sure you camp out if you want to get a Wii – don’t go on ebay or anything because you will be ripped off.
– If the quantity had been there, Wii sales would have definitely been over 1 million. Nintendo would be kicking themselves right now because of their inability to get more units out.
– Very solid performance by 360 (not too far away from Wii) and PSP, as well as Playstation 2. Playstation 3 numbers are still comparatively low, but much improved from last month.
– Galaxy released a week later than COD4, so both games are basically selling at the same pace – if Galaxy came out earlier, then it would probably have reached around the same numbers as COD4.
– Guitar Hero 3 Wii should be a 1 million seller by the end of the year, which should do very good things for future Wii 3rd party support and also proves that 3rd party games can sell very well if they are high quality and appeal to the Wii audience. EA should be kicking themselves for not releasing Rock Band on Wii.
– Bozon thinks it’s taken way too long for the mono issue in Guitar Hero 3 Wii to be fixed. Action needs to be taken.

Wii Software LTD’s

Super Mario Galaxy = 1.2 million

Smackdown vs Raw 2008 = 53,000 – not very good first-month numbers, and comparatively lower to PS2 and 360.

Carnival Games = 300,000 – has sold better than Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy.

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The Creators of ‘PaRappa the Rapper’ Return with Music-Based Video Game

By  •  December 10, 2007

Majesco Entertainment, Masaya Matsuura And Rodney Alan Greenblat Partner To Create New Game Exclusively For The WiiTM System

The Creators of ‘PaRappa the Rapper’ Return with Music-Based Video Game

BRISTOL, U.K., December 10, 2007 – Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced a partnership with legendary multimedia musician and game designer, Masaya Matsuura, and famed New York artist Rodney Alan Greenblat, to develop and publish an original music-based video game scheduled for release in late 2008. Creators of the highly acclaimed, best-selling PaRappa the Rapper series, Matsuura and Greenblat will bring their engaging gameplay and distinctive art style to the Wii™ home video game system for the first time.

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Spike TV Video Game Award winners

By  •  December 9, 2007

The Spike TV Video games awards airs later today Dec. 9 at 9 pm. It already happened early yesterday. So for those who are planning on watching it, and don’t want to know who the winners are yet, don’t hit the jump. If you don’t mind, the whole list of winners is after the jump.

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The Ten Greatest Rhythm Games

By  •  December 7, 2007

Heres a list of the Ten greatest rhythm games according to gametap:

10. Bust a Move: Dance & Rhythm Action (1998, Enix, PSone) 9. Pump It Up Extra (2001, Andamiro, …
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Game|Life’s Top Ten Games That Are Recommended For Your Kids This Christmas

By  •  December 5, 2007
  1. Rock Band (360, PS3, PS2) Put Dad on the drums, Mom on lead vocals, and Sis on bass guitar. You can be just like the Von Trapp family, without …
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This Year In The Review, Best Year Ever?

By  •  November 30, 2007

This year has seen the release of a slew of critically-acclaimed games: Halo 3, Rock Band, BioShock, Super Mario Galaxy, Uncharted, etc. It’s the best year ever …
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Amazon top 10

By  •  November 20, 2007

All platforms

01. Super Mario Galaxy—Nintendo (Wii) 02. Assassin’s Creed—Ubisoft (Xbox 360) 03. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare—Activision (Xbox 360) 04. Wii Play w/ Remote—Nintendo (Wii) 05. Guitar …
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Amazon Editors: Top 10 Games of the Year

By  •  November 19, 2007

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Orange Box 3. BioShock 4. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass 5. Rock Band Special Edition 6. God of War II 7. Call …
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The Big Five!!!

By  •  November 16, 2007

Nintendo Wii

North America: 1. Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) 2. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle (Activision) 3. Wii Play (Nintendo) 4. Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party (Konami) …
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Amazon top 10 – all platform, per platform

By  •  November 13, 2007


01. Super Mario Galaxy—Nintendo (Wii) 02. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare—Activision (Xbox 360) 03. Rock Band Special Edition—EA (Xbox 360) 04. Assassin’s Creed—Ubisoft (Xbox 360) 05. Wii …
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Top Ten Most Anticipated Games

By  •  November 8, 2007

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) 5.00 % 2. WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 (PS3) 3.11% 3. Assassin’s Creed (X360) 2.63% 4. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 2.54% 5. Mass …
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Amazon top 10: All Platforms, Per Platform

By  •  November 6, 2007

 All Systems:

01.   Super Mario Galaxy*—Nintendo (Wii) 02.   Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare—Activision (Xbox 360) 03.   Rock Band Special Edition—EA (Xbox 360) 04.   Wii Play w/ Remote—Nintendo (Wii) …
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