As the weekend approaches it’s time to reflect on our gaming delights for the week. We’re busy with the likes of Splatoon 2 and Hey! Pikmin this week, along with some mobile adventures and plenty more in between.

What are you playing this weekend? Check out our playlist below and let us know what’s on your gaming agenda at the moment.


  • Hey! Pikmin (3DS): Just got done cleaning up sector 2, and I was able to beat the levels without losing a single Pikmin, which the game recognizes as an achievement. It may not be as challenging as a traditional Pikmin game, but I definitely see this as a gateway game to get more people interested in the series.
  • Pokémon GO (mobile): Managed to take down a few raid battles, and I’m loving the experience and items you get as rewards. Hopefully next time I want to go for a walk on my day off, the weather will be nicer..


  • TrevorChicken Wiggle (3DS eShop): I’ll go on about it in next week’s review, but Chicken Wiggle is one to keep an eye out for.
  • Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS): If you haven’t, please take a look at my Miitopia review.
  • Space Hunted (Wii U eShop): My other review game this week – check out my Space Hunted review to find out if it’s worth your time.
  • Super Mario Maker (Wii U): Look forward to our next batch of fan courses in the upcoming issue of PNM. Have any of your own? Do share.

Justin S

Justin Sharp

  • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch): More Splatoon 2 single player this week – just beat the second boss. Really enjoying the variety in the levels so far..



  • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch): About 4/5 of the way finished with the single-player mode, and I find myself wanting to go back and play each level with a different weapon. That alone gives enough reason for me go full completionist on the thing. Other than that, the multiplayer is still smooth and continues to have me hooked each day. Also, I weep for Team Ketchup’s shocking splatfest defeat.
  • Namco Museum (Nintendo Switch): So far, aside from the inclusion of Splatterhouse and Pac-Man Vs., you may have already played this collection in some shape or form. But, nostalgia or not, the immediate inclusion of Pac-Man Vs. on a device such as the Switch makes this worth checking out for a bit.



  • Fate/EXTELLA (Nintendo Switch): I’m reviewing it, so unfortunately, my lips are sealed about it for now. Only my fellow Pure Nintendo team members know my experience…


  • Severed (Nintendo Switch): Working on this for a review.
  • Hey! Pikmin (3DS): Like many of the team, I’m giving the latest Pikmin outing a spin.
  • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch): I made time for a tiny bit of Splatoon 2 during the week.



  • Hey! Pikmin (Nintendo 3DS): I had a lot of fun playing this 2D platformer based on the Pikmin series. It’s a different take on the usual formula, but it’s not without the Pikmin charm we know and love. Check out my Hey! Pikmin review for all the details.
  • Metal Slug 2 (Nintendo Switch): Just started playing this classic Neo Geo title for a review. Watch out for it next week!
  • LEGO City Undercover (Nintendo Switch): We’ve finished the main game, so it’s time to go back and re-do the missions with all our abilities unlocked. 100% here we come!
  • Magikarp Jump (mobile): I’m three quarters of the way through the final league. My main achievement for the week was upgrading Howlet to receive maximum coins; it only cost 24 sweet candies, yikes!

What do you think of our list this week? Are you into anything retro at the moment, or busy playing something brand new? Let us know your own playlists in the comments section.