The Pure Nintendo team is back with our latest playlist! This week, there’s plenty of Fire Emblem love, along with the likes of Splatoon, Mario Party, and much more.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Fire Emblem Engage is our most-played title at the moment. This latest iteration of the long-running tactical-RPG series hit the Switch just last week, and we’re loving it. We’re working on our full review as well, so stay tuned for our thoughts!

There’s always time for party games, and Super Mario Party is one of the best. Even if the AI is a little unbalanced at times. Meanwhile, there’s more roguelike love with a revisit to Bravery and Greed, and Lone Ruin. Picross puzzles are still among us, along with the RPG goodness of Alphadia Neo.

If you’re looking for gaming inspiration, check out our playlist below to see what the Pure Nintendo team is currently playing. And what’s on your playlist? Let us know in the comments section.

Pure Nintendo playlist


  • Splatoon 3 (Switch) – I haven’t had much time to Splat this week. But I was able to fit in a few matches here and there. I’m trying to rank up to S+ right now. But getting into a good, rounded-out team is tough in Splatoon.
  • Picross 8 (Switch) – Still working my way through this one. The puzzles are much tougher now, but I honestly enjoy the bigger puzzles more. I like the challenge, and they take a little more time… Which makes the game last a little longer.


  • Fire Emblem: Engage (Switch) – There’s only one game I’m really playing right now, and that’s Fire Emblem: Engage. This is exactly what I want from a Fire Emblem game. The strategy aspect is great, and the cut scenes are phenomenal. It’s such a beautiful game.


  • Fire Emblem: Engage (Switch) – I’ve been playing this game so much since my Divine Edition arrived Thursday (that’s right…Thursday!) that my son asked me if almost done. I’m not. And I hope I’m not for a long time. What a great game!
  • Onion Assault (Switch) – Wrapping up my review of this entertaining retro action/arcade game from Hörberg Productions. I argue that nearly all recipes could benefit from onions, and I may now make the same argument for Switch platformers.


  • Alphadia Neo (Switch) – Still working my way through KEMCO’s latest RPG. The last one they published didn’t impress me much, but this one has. Look for my review soon.
  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS) – Often, when a new installment in a series releases, I’ll go back and play an older one. So I’m pretending it’s 2017 with Shadows of Valentia. Make sure you grab the DLC if you’re interested cause it’ll be gone when they close up the eShop in a couple months.
  • Nintendo Switch Online (Switch) – I’ve been dabbling with some random NES games, plus Super Mario World (SNES). The latter is to gear up for our next Koopa Kast, not that I need an excuse to boot up such a classic.


  • Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) – Let me just say it: I am LOVING this game. I’m a big Fire Emblem fan, having played a lot on the 3DS. The battles are so satisfying, and the in-between story is compelling. I’ll be spending a bit of time with this one I think!
  • Pokémon Violet (Switch) – This title had to take a back seat thanks to Fire Emblem, but I still found time to defeat another Titan. So that’s 12 out of 18 badges now!
  • Melatonin (Switch) – Spending more time with this rythm-based title set in a world of dreams. It’s tricky but fun; it’s all about getting into the groove.
  • Lone Ruin (Switch) – I’m still poughing my way through this tough-as-nails bullet hell. Thankfully, it’s also super fun. Watch for my upcoming review!
  • Super Mario Party (Switch) – Just one more round before the end of the holidays! Woody Woods is a favorite board. I’d love to see some new boards or characters added at some point.
  • Bravery and Greed (Switch) – I delved back into this when I had some company to see if it was easier with more players. It was not. But it was still super fun.

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