The Question Block this week is seeking a broader range of content from PN fans and PNM readers. There’s certainly much to talk about of late. From the unveiling of the Switch, to upcoming Mario games for both 3DS and mobile, and much more. Why not leave a comment on whatever happens to be on your gaming mind? It might just make the next issue of PNM!

Mii - KaelynSpeaking of PNM, our fan art curator Kaelyn Daugherty is also looking for great content to potentially appear in the magazine. More specifically, fall themed Nintendo art – “Pumpkins, baked goods, drawings, etc.”

We look forward to whatever you send our way. For those who’d rather not leave a comment on the site, we also have these other options …Facebook, Twitter, Ask. And of course you can always send us an email … questionblock@purenintendo.comnintendo-question