This week we’re attempting something fresh at Pure Nintendo, with the hopes that it becomes a new regular feature.  Readers of PNM are of course familiar with ‘The Question Block’; a fun way to interact with the PN crew, with the chance to see your letter in print.  After a brief hiatus this section is not just returning, but also being augmented.

Question Block

Each week readers can expect to see a new gaming-themed question, one designed to stimulate discussion between all, PN crew included.  While we’re optimistic that this feature will have success, it really is dependent on you our fans – or Koopalings as PNM readers are known.  So please, share away!  We’re looking forward to seeing comments from our both our loyal regulars, as well as new participants.

Don’t feel like commenting on the main site for some reason? You can also comment on our Facebook, or Twitter accounts, or by writing to  Who knows, you might just find yourself in a future issue of PNM!

Mega Man Gold amiiboDon’t forget our new poll either.  If you haven’t already, please cast your vote.  You can also submit comments related to the new poll.

This week’s question is this … “Are special amiibo like Gold Mega Man & Wolf Link enough to make you double-dip on games you might already own?”

Do be sure to let us know your thoughts.  Also be sure to give a shout out to Kaelyn for her feature image artwork!