Are you prepared to “find your rhythm” with AVICII Invector on the Nintendo Switch? Even if you aren’t usually a fan of music games like this, you may want to answer yes.

You might have read my preview on this game a couple of months back. If so, you’ll recall I said this was a “promising release.” This even though I had little familiarity with Avicii, the stage name of the late Tim Bergling. So if you’re already an existing fan, you can stop reading here and buy this game, assuming you haven’t already purchased it on another platform.

Playing Avicii Invector reminds me of playing Guitar Hero back in the day. But the presentation, setting, and music are much more compelling here, and I don’t need extra plastic in my hand. While I’m more into the style of Rhythm Heaven, Avicii Invector offers a different take on rhythm gameplay that I’ve enjoyed.

As you “Belt up and blast into the rhythmic regions of unexplored space,” appreciate the eye candy this game offers. Naturally, you can only enjoy it so much, with your eyes glued to the on-screen prompts. Watch out for those ramps, which can and will send you on a downward spiral if you miss one and don’t correct quickly. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

You can take in the sights a bit more during those moments when your ship leaves the track. Complete flight freedom isn’t here as you’re still on rails, but trying to bullseye rings brings a different challenge that’s less dependent on speed and more on accuracy. I welcome these moments as a chance to catch my breath, as it were, while enjoying the visuals.

You can play each area’s tracks in whichever order you like for a measure of welcomed non-linearity. The songs are varied, and the lyrics are anything but shallow. As you discover your favorites, you can aim to top the leaderboards. Speaking of…

There was a time where I was #1 on a few of these songs. But now that the pre-release competition has expanded, that’s no longer the case. Still, the fact that each board is separated by difficulty means replaying incentives for whatever your skill level.

That said, if your interest in the leaderboards is in the moderate to low range, AVICII Invector will only hold your interest for so long. Flying, jumping, and speeding in your ship is fun the first few times as you improve your grades, but the gameplay stays the same unless you up the difficulty or compete with up to four local friends. So, you may find yourself typing these songs into Youtube and listening to them as you do something else; in my case, writing this review.

Music fans should dig Avicii Invector, especially those inclined to appreciate the deep lyrics in these tracks. For non-enthusiasts, an easy difficulty setting makes the game inviting, even for those with limited experience in rhythm games. While the gameplay can certainly get repetitious after time, it’s a fun game to watch even if you pass the controller to a friend. Avicii is on my radar now, thanks to Avicii Invector.