Bus Fix 2019 combines modern-day elements with terrible graphics, ultimately, into an inaccessible package–and respectively, it seems to be Ultimate Games latest cash grab effort, in addition to their numerous ones already on the Nintendo eShop. Ultimate is known for releasing titles at a more frequent pace compared to others’ and it’s a detriment to their games.

The premise of Bus Fix 2019 has you fixing buses for in-game currency. There’s a decent variety of bus types that can be fixed too, which helps ensure things don’t feel repetitive.

Bus Fix 2019

Unfortunately, things become repetitive a lot faster due to the game’s tedious controls. Such tedious controls, ultimately, cause the game to become a chore– which is awful when bearing in mind this game’s biggest strength is: replay incentive. Bus Fix 2019 also has you earning parts each time you level up, which also creates a reason to come back, but not enough so to deal with the horrendous controls. These control issues can be remedied partially, by playing in handheld mode, but even then it still feels monotonous.

At least the game is a sight to behold, right? Well, the game disappoints on the graphical-front as well; blurry visuals, horrible textures, and an unfitting art style. Perhaps a more cartoon-y approach would have suited the game? Despite the dreadful graphics, the game does run smoothly, sadly, it is the only worthwhile takeaway.

Overall, Bus Fix 2019 is another poorly, rushed out game, that could use a rework.