Crazy BMX World is a Bike Rider compilation, something the name alone doesn’t make clear. As I was a big fan of the original and its sequel on 3DS, grabbing this for $3 took no hemming or hawing on my end. While I believe the games hold up for sure, this re-release comes with some needless baggage.

Looking back at my original Bike Rider review (over seven years ago), I feel I came off a bit too enthusiastic. Yet, the proof is in my playtime and has proved the game’s enduring power. I invite you to read that review (and my review of the sequel) for specifics. But as a quick sum for those preferring to skim the praise I laid out as a less experienced writer, these games offer platforming or endless running, loaded with extras for replay value. The trade of subtle 3D for HD on a bigger screen is a fair one, and the music is still the best!

My biggest bummer when it comes to Crazy BMX World is the linear way this package got laid out. Not only do you have to play the worlds within each game in order, but you also have to play the releases in order as well. Such unlocking criteria is foolish! As someone who’s already played the first two games to death, overcoming their challenges, I longed to jump around. I wanted to dive straight into DX3, which I’ve yet to play.  Does this choice add a positive? Nope, it doesn’t – the game has no story – and it’s negatively impacted my enjoyment more than I thought. Needless linearity is a type of decision I’ve grown less tolerant with over the years.

For the budget price, I need some friends to pick up this collection. Challenging strangers online only makes me realize how average I am in the grand scheme. Leaderboards bring legs for new and experienced players alike, as do the dozens of bikes to collect. I’ve heard some say your bike doesn’t pop against the background, but you’re bound to find a few humorous rides that cancel this gripe out. Try the “Fresh Crab Bike”; a crustacean on your head is hard to miss.

Crazy BMX World contains excellent games that have aged gracefully, but it’s strangely just okay as a compilation. While a real value, the linear design (and lack of Pro controller support) sizably hurt it. I hope it gets a patch asap.