James MiiThis review was written by PN contributor, James Colozzi.  

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So after playing Cutie Pets Go Fishing for a little while, I realized that the WII U was not the right platform for this puzzle game. This is a simple matching title for children, and would have been best delivered on a smart phone to keep the child occupied at the doctor’s while trying to focus on hand eye skills. The only real challenge is that it has a time limit that runs out, forcing you to not only move fast but to also look for the little bonuses that either increase your time limit or remove more fish.

Cutie Pets Go Fishing - gameplay

There are two modes classic, and Zen. The first is the primary mode with the time limit, and the second mode has no time limit.  Zen mode gives you the ability to practice and hone your skills. To keep the game somewhat involved is a simple rewards system that gives you Miiverse stamps based on achievements.

In short there is nothing really entertaining for an adult or child over seven years old. The game play is simple and smooth, and the fish themselves are colorful. Cutie Pets Go Fishing does challenge how fast you can match shapes while under the restraint of time.

Cutie Pets Go Fishing - Miiverse StampsGreat for little kids and for $1.99 for a five year old this is great. The only thing I thought was a waste was the fact the they put animations on the TV screen that the player will never notice as once you hit start the timer starts ticking and you are glued to the screen on the GamePad.

Overall out of 1-10 I would give Cutie Pets Go Fishing a 5.

Cutie Pets Go Fishing


  • Colorful, inexpensive, and great for little kids


  • Too simple
  • Animations are for TV only, not the GamePad

Cutie Pets Go Fishing - banner