What you see is what you get with Epic Word Search Collection. If you like games like these, or past titles from Lightwood, you’ll probably like this one.

Epic Word Search Collection on the Nintendo Switch does something that word search books can’t: its grid is enormous, far more than could ever fit on a workable printed page! Scrolling through to find all 1,500 words can take 40 hours or more according to this game’s accompanying PR. I criticized the briefness of Lightwood’s last release, but the content certainly isn’t an issue here.

It’s a plain-looking title, which is a downer, but some likable music in the classical vein plays in the background. The size gives a little something extra to an otherwise clear-cut game. While monotony can, of course, be an issue – Epic Word Search Collection is best played in small spurts – you can jump between puzzle categories. The food and sports categories return from the 3DS build, while animals and journeys seem to be new.

Playing in handheld mode with a capacitive stylus is my recommendation. This is a good one to play with a movie or show running in the background, as it doesn’t demand much concentration, just observation. Or if you’re merely looking to pass a few minutes here or there. Multiplayer is absent, but playing on a TV, an eagle-eyed partner can help in finding some of the more obscure words. There’s genuinely not a whole lot to say about a release like this. Epic Word Search Collection doesn’t particularly excite, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do. If you own (and have enjoyed) prior Lightwood titles, the length of this one makes it worth adding to your Nintendo Switch digital library.

I’ll end this review by once again kindly requesting a Nintendo Switch version of Splat the Difference from Lightwood Games.